The Grand Budapest Hotel by s.r.

肉球マシュマロ CafeCat


like, obviously this is dUMB, but i have to make a fake advertisement for a non-for-profit and idk how to do art it’s more about the idea (i think!!!!!!!!!!) but yeah is this too dumb or just dumb enough to be amazingly lamely funny?

ALSO do i need to do dumb things like a)say that this is obvs for adopting cats ? b) what in those bios is super not funny (besides obviously all of it jesus) c) should i include their website ? or do you think that this is ? 

thank you for looking at this/sorry for wasting your time but also cats so 

reblogging this so its on the internet forever and there is evidence if you delete it.

my friends are hilarious geniuses i bet you’re jealous



I love that the clashist sent me this weird gosling situation I’m gonna wear it to a casting tomorrow and very important professional meetings

hero status



welcome 2 new zealand we have a pond of rancid buttermilk

We call it John Key